I just spent a week in jail: AMA

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ahahahahhahahahahahahaha this is just... gold. I am seriously losing it right now. Like, what the fuck were you even thinking?

Does your mom know you were in jail? How did she react? And what about the rest of your family?

Why would they give prisoners pencils but not spoons? Pencils are sharp and could easily be used to stab people, whereas spoons actually take effort to make into a weapon.

Were there private bathrooms or did you have to poop in front of everyone? If you had to poop in front of everyone, did you secretly enjoy it?

What was the worst crime that one of your inmates was there for? Were they all in there for not paying fines? How much of a pussy-ass town do you live in, anyway?
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Since you were a newcomer, what did the guy whose salad you tossed prefer, syrup or jelly? How did you assplain this to the administration?
Where do you live? Seriously, 50$ and a bunch of payment errors warranted a home break in and arrest? Thank god for low security prisons for the minor offenses.


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Well it's sort of obvious why LonelyNess hasn't replied to your questions - it's clear that none of you are worried about him at all. :/
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